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Business Resource Centre

On this page, we have collected forms and links that we feel will be helpful to anyone trying to start their own business. If you have any questions, see our FAQ page or give us a call.  

Business Planning Resources

Use these tools for a very fast business plan

These might be more useful for a more in-depth business plan

4.) The words: Business Plan template (Word based) (each section comes with good instructions - this is the written part of the plan)


Hint:  It may be better to do the written part of your business plan first (the words).  Putting your idea to paper in a structured way makes the financial part easier to complete.  Some people feel more  comfortable describing their business in words rather than numbers.  Either way, the DBDC staff can assist in using the tools described.  Every business plan will contain both numbers and words.


See Our Services

We are able to provide a myriad of services to small business owners in the area.

Help Your Business

Use the DBDC’s resources to grow your ideas.

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