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General Business Services

General business services are meant to augment the financing options available to small businesses from the Business Development Centre and provide access to everything else you need to succeed.


Services include:


Business Counselling

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are available to discuss any current or upcoming issues your business may have or may experience. We can offer possible solutions, a different point of view, someone to bounce ideas off of, and direction to help address the issues identified. Examples of items that could be discussed include: starting a business, improving sales and revenues, hiring or firing employees, finding new suppliers, etc. Sometimes just talking about your issues can lead you to solutions.


If the expertise to discuss and/or address the issues is not available at the office, staff will help you find someone who does have the required expertise.


Business Planning

A business plan should include enough information to allow someone who is completely unfamiliar with you, your idea, or the type of business you intend to start to evaluate your ideas and current project.


Your business’ success depends on your business plan. Staff are available to help you develop smaller business plans, finish a plan you have started, or find funding to develop comprehensive business plans.


Technical Services

Business owners often require assistance to setup their bookkeeping and register with Revenue Canada or GNWT for finance, developing a logo, completing reports, etc. These services are called technical services.


Staff can rely upon their understanding and knowledge to help you get through the nitty-gritty part of business.


Information / application for other funding sources

There are other sources of funding and assistance available throughout the Northwest Territories. Funds are available to start, market, or shut down your business; to purchase assets; and for other aspects of business. Staff will help you prepare applications for grants, contributions, and other sources of loan financing to ensure the financing sought suits your business opportunity.



Small business owners often know their craft well but are not quite as strong when it comes to other areas of operating a business.


The knowledgeable staff can offer one-on-one assistance to business owners or provide presentations to small groups covering topics such as Understanding Financial Statements, Business Start-up, Bookkeeping and Government Registration Requirements for business.


In addition to the services listed above, the BDC provides loan financing. See our Small Business Loan Financing Services section for the details.

Resource Centre

Public Computer.jpg

Two public access computers are available for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs looking to do internet research, print or use Microsoft office products. Access to business plan software (Liveplan).

Need an Answer?

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ section to see if it has the answer you seek.

Help Your Business

Use the BDC’s resources to grow your ideas.

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